Research Supplementary Information

Supplementary information and appendices for research publications listed by topic. More available at Harvard Dataverse.

Gulf Coast Disaster Resilience

Adaptive Capacity Scores and Maps

To download datasets reporting the adaptive capacity for disaster resilience scores, click on the following links:

Disaster Resilience Scores

Resilience Scores across Component Indices

Resilience Scores across Disaster Phases

Adaptive Capacity Data

The data and codebook for the raw indicators used to construct the adaptive capacity index can be downloaded here:

Gulf Coast Adaptive Capacity Dataset

Gulf Coast Adaptive Capacity Data Codebook

Climate Change Beliefs

Ross, Ashley D., Stella M. Rouse, and William Mobley. “Polarization of Climate Change Beliefs: The Role of the Millennials Generation Identity.” Social Science Quarterly. Forthcoming.

Millennial Generation & Public Policy

Ross, Ashley D., and Stella M. Rouse. “Economic Uncertainty, Job Threat, and the Resiliency of the Millennial Generation’s Attitudes Toward Immigration.” Social Science Quarterly 96, no. 5 (2015): 1363-1379. 

Science as a Public Good

Ross, Ashley D., Rhonda Struminger, Jeffrey Winking, and Kathryn R. Wedemeyer-Strombel. “Science as a Public Good: Findings From a Survey of March for Science Participants.” Science Communication 40, no. 2 (2018): 228-245.

Scientist Survey Questionnaire 

Non-Scientist Survey Questionnaire

Map of Marchers_SI